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Game launched - Pepip'ese (insects memory game)


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Attend our TPR Language Teaching Institute. Learn beginner level Secwepemctsin, get 3 credits from Thompson Rivers University, and have fun!

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Secwepemc Language Learning

Words and Phrases in Cstelnec dialect

Creation Stories of CAS

Dr Kathryn Michel's doctoral thesis, "Creation Stories from Chief Atahm School"

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Secwepemc immersion education is an approach that has been successfully used in many parts of the world to revitalize language through education. All instruction and communication is in our language, Secwepemctsin. Children acquire fluency in a natural way: through interacting with teachers and students throughout the school day.

Beginning in the fall of 2017, the grade four intermediate program will be a bilingual program with 80% of the day conducted in Secwepemctsin and 20% of the day in English. This will provide a gradual transition into English-based classrooms. In grade five we anticipate that the program will either have 40 or 50% of the school day conducted in Secwepemctsin. Grade six and seven will continue to have two afternoons devoted to language.

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Grade 4 Immersion 2017/1028

This coming fall immersion program includes grade 4.

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About Us

Chief Atahm School was started in 1981 by a small group of parents wanted a Secwepemc-based education for their children. The school has a language nest for children from six months-3 years old; a nursery/kindergarten immersion; a grade 1 to grade 4 immersion; and grades 5 to 9 intermediate and highschool program.